Cover Contents

Reviews of topical problems

N.G. Bebenin, R.I. Zainullina, V.V. Ustinov “Colossal magnetoresistance manganites61 719–738 (2018)

Physics of our days

Yu.G. Kudenko “Neutrino oscillations: recent advances and future prospects61 739–747 (2018)

Methodological notes

M.V. Kuzelev, A.A. Rukhadze “Waves in inhomogeneous plasmas and liquid and gas flows. Analogies between electro- and gas-dynamic phenomena61 748–764 (2018)

Conferences and symposia

Earth and the Universe. New experiments and theories (Scientific session of the Physical Sciences Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 19 April 2017)61 765–765 (2018)

D.I. Iudin, S.S. Davydenko, V.M. Gotlib, M.S. Dolgonosov, L.M. Zelenyi “Physics of lightning: new model approaches and prospects of the satellite observations61 766–778 (2018)

M.L. Litvak, A.B. Sanin “Water in the Solar system61 779–792 (2018)

V.V. Izmodenov “Global structure of the heliosphere: 3D kinetic-MHD model and the interpretation of spacecraft data61 793–804 (2018)

A.M. Bykov “Astrophysical objects with extreme energy release: observations and theory61 805–818 (2018)


V.G. Bondur, M.M. Kotyukov, V.D. Kuznetsov, M.Ya. Marov, G.A. Mesyats, M.I. Panasyuk, A.A. Petrukovich, A.M. Sergeev, R.A. Sunyaev, G.V. Trubnikov, V.E. Fortov, A.R. Khokhlov “Lev Matveevich Zelenyi (on his 70th birthday)61 819–821 (2018)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)61 822–824 (2018)

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