Cover Contents

Reviews of topical problems

V.E. Bisti, A.B. Van’kov, A.S. Zhuravlev, L.V. Kulik “Magnetoexcitons in two-dimensional electronic systems58 315–329 (2015)

P.A. Alekseev “High borides: determining the features and details of lattice dynamics from neutron spectroscopy58 330–344 (2015)

L.V. Doronina-Amitonova, I.V. Fedotov, A.B. Fedotov, K.V. Anokhin, A.M. Zheltikov “Neurophotonics: optical methods to study and control the brain58 345–364 (2015)

V.V. Lider “X-ray holography58 365–383 (2015)

Methodological notes

A.V. Guglielmi “Foreshocks and aftershocks of strong earthquakes in the light of catastrophe theory58 384–397 (2015)

G.B. Malykin, V.I. Pozdnyakova “Quadratic Sagnac effect — the influence of the gravitational potential of the Coriolis force on the phase difference between the arms of a rotating Michelson interferometer (an explanation of D C Miller's experimental results 1921—1926)58 398–406 (2015)

From the history of physics

V.P. Pastukhov “50 years of JETP Letters58 407–413 (2015)


A.F. Andreev, V.T. Dolgopolov, V.N. Zverev, S.V. Iordanskii, V.V. Kveder, I.V. Kukushkin, V.D. Kulakovskii, E.I. Rashba, V.B. Timofeev, M.R. Trunin, D.E. Khmel’nitskii, V.S. Khrapai “In memory of Vsevolod Feliksovich Gantmakher58 414–415 (2015)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)58 416–417 (2015)

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