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Amazing growth of helium crystal facets

National Research Centre Kurchatov Institute, pl. akad. Kurchatova 1, Moscow, 123182, Russian Federation

This review systematizes the experimental data from the study of two unusual phenomena: the super-slow growth of a perfect, growth-defect-free crystal facet, and the abrupt transition of a crystal facet to an abnormal state at a growth rate two to three orders of magnitude greater than the normal value (the effect of "burst-like growth").

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Keywords: quantum crystals, the kinetics of crystal growth, low temperature physics
PACS: 67.80.−s, 81.10.−h (all)
DOI: 10.3367/UFNe.0185.201511b.1163
Citation: Tsymbalenko V L "Amazing growth of helium crystal facets" Phys. Usp. 58 1059–1073 (2015)
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PT Journal Article
TI Amazing growth of helium crystal facets
AU Tsymbalenko V L
FAU Tsymbalenko VL
DP 10 Nov, 2015
TA Phys. Usp.
VI 58
IP 11
PG 1059-1073
RX 10.3367/UFNe.0185.201511b.1163
SO Phys. Usp. 2015 Nov 10;58(11):1059-1073

Received: 22nd, April 2015, revised: 31st, August 2015, 4th, September 2015

:    « » 185 1163–1178 (2015); DOI: 10.3367/UFNr.0185.201511b.1163

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