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From the ediorial board

M.S. Aksenteva, L.V. Keldysh, V.A. Rubakov, O.V. Rudenko “On the contest "Best reviews and articles published in Physics-Uspekhi journal in 2013"58 1–2 (2015)

Reviews of topical problems

B.M. Karnakov, V.D. Mur, S.V. Popruzhenko, V.S. Popov “Current progress in developing the nonlinear ionization theory of atoms and ions58 3–32 (2015)

G.V. Kozlov “Structure and properties of particulate-filled polymer nanocomposites58 33–60 (2015)

Physics of our days

I.M. Dremin “The interaction region of high energy protons58 61–70 (2015)

Conferences and symposia

Ultrastrong light fields (Scientific session of the Physical Sciences Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 29 October 2014)58 71–102 (2015)

V.Yu. Bychenkov, A.V. Brantov, E.A. Govras, V.F. Kovalev “Laser acceleration of ions: recent results and prospects for applications58 71–81 (2015)

I.Yu. Kostyukov, A.M. Pukhov “Plasma-based methods for electron acceleration: current status and prospects58 81–88 (2015)

A.V. Mitrofanov, D.A. Sidorov-Biryukov, A.A. Voronin, A. Pugzhlis, G. Andryukaitis, E.A. Stepanov, S.I. Alishauskas, T. Fleri, A.B. Fedotov, V.Ya. Panchenko, A. Baltuška, A.M. Zheltikov “Subterawatt femtosecondpulses in themid-infrared: A new spatiotemporal dynamics of high-power electromagnetic fields58 89–94 (2015)

N.B. Narozhnyi, A.M. Fedotov “Quantum-electrodynamic cascades in intense laser fields58 95–102 (2015)


E.V. Zakharova “New books on physics and related sciences58 103–104 (2015)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)58 105–106 (2015)

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