Reviews of topical problems

A.N. Lachinov, N.V. Vorob’eva “Electronics of thin wideband polymer layers49 1223–1238 (2006)

I.N. Kosarev “Kinetic theory of plasmas and gases. Interaction of high-intensity laser pulses with plasmas49 1239–1252 (2006)

Instruments and methods of investigation

Yu.Ya. Stavissky “Giant pulses of thermal neutrons in large accelerator beam dumps. Possibilities for experiments49 1253–1262 (2006)

G.R. Ivanitskii “Modern matrix thermovision in biomedicine49 1263–1288 (2006)

Methodological notes

I.I. Taubkin “Photoinduced and thermal noise in semiconductor p-n junctions49 1289–1306 (2006)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet49 1307–1308 (2006)

N.V. Gribkova “Author index Volume 49, 200649 1309 (2006)

E.A. Frimer “Subject index Volume 49, 200649 1312 (2006)

Concordance table of page numbers of papers in the English and Russian editions (Physics-Uspekhi Volume 49, 2006, Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk Volume 176, 2006)49 1317 (2006)

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