Optics of nonstationary media

 a, b
a Joint Institute for High Temperatures, Russian Academy of Sciences, ul. Izhorskaya 13/19, Moscow, 127412, Russian Federation
b Space Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Profsoyuznaya str. 84/32, Moscow, 117997, Russian Federation

Propagation and reflection of electromagnetic waves in time-varying dielectric media are studied using analytic solutions of the relevant Maxwell equations. Exactly solvable models that do not involve any requirements of small or slow changes in the medium reveal strong nonstationarity-induced dispersion effects due to a finite relaxation time of the dielectric parameters. The generalized time-dependent Fresnel and Snell laws visualizing the dependence of reflection coefficients on the dynamics of reflecting media are presented. The drastic distortion of EM fields interacting with rapidly ionizing plasmas is examined. The coupled spatiotemporal reshaping of wave fields in heterogeneous time-varying media is considered for transmission lines, heterogeneous dielectrics, and flash ionization in microwave cavities. The efficiency of the time-domain approach in treating these problems is demonstrated.

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PACS: 03.65.Ge, 03.65.Sq, 42.25.−p, 42.25.Bs, 42.25.Gy (all)
DOI: 10.1070/PU2005v048n08ABEH002119
Citation: Shvartsburg A B "Optics of nonstationary media" Phys. Usp. 48 797–823 (2005)
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PT Journal Article
TI Optics of nonstationary media
AU Shvartsburg A B
FAU Shvartsburg AB
DP 10 Aug, 2005
TA Phys. Usp.
VI 48
IP 8
PG 797-823
RX 10.1070/PU2005v048n08ABEH002119
SO Phys. Usp. 2005 Aug 10;48(8):797-823

:    « » 175 833–861 (2005); DOI: 10.3367/UFNr.0175.200508c.0833

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