Reviews of topical problems

S.V. Zaitsev-Zotov “Finite-size effects in quasi-one-dimensional conductors with a charge-density wave47 533–554 (2004)

A.V. Timofeev “Electromagnetic waves in a magnetized plasma near the critical surface47 555–582 (2004)

Instruments and methods of investigation

Yu.V. Gulyaev, V.F. Kravchenko, A.A. Kuraev “Vavilov-Cherenkov amplifiers with irregular electrodynamic structures47 583–599 (2004)

Methodological notes

A.V. Vashkovskii, E.H. Lokk “Negative refractive index for a surface magnetostatic wave propagating through the boundary between a ferrite and ferrite-insulator-metal media47 601–605 (2004)

From the history of physics

A.A. Logunov, M.A. Mestvirishvili, V.A. Petrov “How were the Hilbert-Einstein equations discovered?47 607–621 (2004)

Conferences and symposia

Yu.G. Vainer “Single-molecule spectroscopy and disordered solid dynamics47 623–626 (2004)

Yu.G. Vainer, V.M. Agranovich, E.A. Ryabov, O.N. Kompanets “Joint scientific session of the Physical Sciences Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Joint Physical Society of the Russian Federation (35th anniversary of the Institute of Spectroscopy) (28 November 2003)47 623 (2004)

V.M. Agranovich “Negative refraction in the optical domain and nonlinear wave propagation47 626–627 (2004)

E.A. Ryabov “Laser isotope separation by IR multiphoton dissociation of molecules47 627–629 (2004)

O.N. Kompanets “Portable optical biosensors for the determination of biologically active and toxic compounds47 630–633 (2004)


M.B. Voloshin, M.I. Vysotskii, A.S. Gorskii, M.V. Danilov, B.O. Kerbikov, S.G. Klevtsov, A.Yu. Morozov, V.A. Novikov, L.B. Okun, A.A. Roslyi, V.A. Rubakov, A.L. Suvorov “In memory of Konstantin Gennad’evich Selivanov47 635–635 (2004)


M.B. Menskii “Organizing space and time47 637–638 (2004)

E.V. Zakharova “New books on physics and related sciences47 639–641 (2004)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)47 642–642 (2004)

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