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Quantum mechanics in the experimenter’s eyes (comment on the article by M B Menskii)

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Moscow Region, Russian Federation
Text can be downloaded in Russian. English translation is available on IOP Science.
PACS: 01.65.+g, 01.70.+w, 03.65.Bz (all)
DOI: 10.1070/PU2002v045n07ABEH001112
Citation: Golokhvastov A I "Quantum mechanics in the experimenter's eyes (comment on the article by M B Menskii)" Phys. Usp. 45 783–786 (2002)
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%0 Journal Article
%T Quantum mechanics in the experimenter's eyes 
(comment on the article by M B Menskii)
%A A. I. Golokhvastov
%I Physics-Uspekhi
%D 2002
%J Phys. Usp.
%V 45
%N 7
%P 783-786

Оригинал: Голохвастов А И «Квантовая механика глазами экспериментатора (отклик на статью М.Б. Менского)» УФН 172 843–846 (2002); DOI: 10.3367/UFNr.0172.200207i.0843

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