Reviews of topical problems

V.V. Parkhomchuk, A.N. Skrinskii “Electron cooling: 35 years of development43 433–452 (2000)

B.M. Smirnov “Cluster plasma43 453–491 (2000)

V.V. Brazhkin, A.G. Lyapin “Universal viscosity growth in metallic melts at megabar pressures: the vitreous state of the Earth’s inner core43 493–508 (2000)

Physics of our days

V.S. Imshennik “Supernova explosions and historical chronology43 509–513 (2000)

Methodological notes

V.P. Skripov “Extension of the λ curve of 4He into the region of the metastable state of liquid helium43 515–519 (2000)

Physics news on the internet

Yu.N. Eroshenko “Physics news on the Internet (based on electronic preprints)43 520 (2000)

Conferences and symposia

A.E. Reznikov, V.V. Kopeikin, P.A. Morozov, A.Yu. Shchekotov “Development of apparatus and data processing methods for electromagnetic subsurface probing and experiments with their practical implementation43 521–524 (2000)

V.G. Lifshits, Yu.L. Gavrilyuk, A.A. Saranin, A.V. Zotov, D.A. Tsukanov “Surface phases on silicon43 525–527 (2000)

B.V. Andryushechkin, K.N. El’tsov, V.M. Shevlyuga “Scanning tunneling microscopy of ’commensurate-incommensurate’ structural phase transitions in the chemisorbed layers of halogens43 527–530 (2000)

N.S. Maslova, V.I. Panov, S.V. Savinov “Tunneling spectroscopy of the localized states of individual impurity atoms on a semiconductor surface43 531–533 (2000)


K.N. Baranskii, T.S. Velichkina, V.L. Ginzburg, L.P. Kurakov, T.V. Laptinskaya, V.A. Sadovnichii, V.I. Trukhin, I.L. Fabelinskii, A.R. Khokhlov, T.G. Chernevich, O.A. Shustin, B.N. Shvilkin “In memory of Ivan Alekseevich Yakovlev43 535–536 (2000)


E.V. Zakharova “New books on physics and related sciences43 537–540 (2000)

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