Reviews of topical problems

M.A. Liberman, B. Johansson “Properties of matter in ultrahigh magnetic fields and the structure of the surface of neutron stars38 117–136 (1995)

V.Yu. Terebizh “Image restoration with minimum a priori information38 137–167 (1995)

A.N. Volobuev “Fluid flow in tubes with elastic walls38 169–178 (1995)

Methodological notes

A.A. Logunov “The theory of the classical gravitational field38 179–193 (1995)

V.L. Ginzburg, Yu.N. Eroshenko “Once again about the equivalence principle38 195–201 (1995)

Ya.M. Blanter, M.I. Kaganov, D.V. Posvyanskii “De Haas-van Alphen effect as a first-order electronic topological transition38 203–209 (1995)

Conferences and symposia

V.I. Simonov “Precision x-ray diffraction investigations of single crystals of HTSCs: Report on the 4th International Conference ’Materials and Mechanisms of Superconductivity of High-Temperature Superconductors’ (July 1994, Grenoble, France)38 211–213 (1995)

Zh.I. Alferov, D. Bimberg, A.Yu. Egorov, A.E. Zhukov, P.S. Kop’ev, N.N. Ledentsov, S.S. Ruvimov, V.M. Ustinov, I. Kheidenraikh “Strained-submonolayer and quantum-dot superstructures38 215–216 (1995)

A.A. Gorbatsevich, V.V. Kapaev, Yu.V. Kopaev “Nondissipative dynamics of electrons in nanostructures38 216–217 (1995)

A.A. Bykov, Z.D. Kvon, E.B. Ol’shanskii, A.L. Aseev, M.R. Baklanov, L.V. Litvin, Yu.V. Nastaushev, V.G. Mansurov, V.P. Migal’, S.P. Moshchenko “Quasiballistic quantum interferometer38 217–219 (1995)

V.D. Kulakovskii, L.V. Butov “Magnetooptics of quantum wires and quantum dots in semiconducting heterostructures38 219–222 (1995)

V.T. Petrashov “New phenomena in metallic mesostructures38 222–226 (1995)

N.S. Maslova, Yu.N. Moiseev, V.I. Panov, S.V. Savinov “Effects of localised states and interparticle interactions on the STM/STS and AFM nanostructure diagnostics38 226–227 (1995)


P.A. Apanasevich, L.M. Barkovskii, A.A. Bogush, B.B. Boiko, N.A. Borisevich, V.S. Burakov, B.K. Vainshtein, A.M. Goncharenko, D.S. Dzhelepov, M.A. El’yashevich, V.G. Kadyshevskii, Yu.V. Novozhilov, L.M. Tomil’chik, D.V. Shirkov “In memory of Fedor Ivanovich Fedorov38 229–230 (1995)

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