Reviews of topical problems

B.D. Agap’ev, M.B. Gornyi, B.G. Matisov, Yu.V. Rozhdestvenskii “Coherent population trapping in quantum systems36 (9) 763–793 (1993)

B.A. Nadykto “A semiempirical model for calculation of the energies of states of multielectron ions36 (9) 794–827 (1993)

From the current literature

A.I. Morozov, A.S. Sigov “Muon spin relaxation in crystals with defects36 (9) 828–840 (1993)

Methodological notes

V.P. Bykov “Squeezed light and nonclassical motion in mechanics36 (9) 841–850 (1993)

E.E. Nikitin, L.P. Pitaevskii “Imaginary time and the Landau method of calculating quasiclassical matrix elements36 (9) 851–853 (1993)

E.A. Andryushin, V.L. Ginzburg, A.P. Silin “Boundary conditions in the macroscopic theory of superconductivity36 (9) 854–857 (1993)

From the history of physics

G.M. Arutyunyan, V.I. Gol’danskii, N.M. Kuznetsov, A.A. Rukhadze, O.A. Sinkevich, N.L. Solomina, L.G. Stepanova “Sergei Petrovich D’yakov and his contributions to science36 (9) 858–864 (1993)


N.G. Basov, V.S. Burakov, A.P. Voitovich, V.V. Gruzinskii, V.A. Tolkachev, F.I. Fedorov “Nikolai Aleksandrovich Borisevich (on his seventieth birthday)36 (9) 865–867 (1993)


V.P. Demutskii, R.V. Polovin “Conceptual problems in quantum mechanics36 (9) 868–907 (1993)

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