Reviews of topical problems

Observational properties of ball lightning

Joint Institute for High Temperatures, Russian Academy of Sciences, ul. Izhorskaya 13/19, Moscow, 127412, Russian Federation

Information from data banks involved in collecting results of observations of ball lightning is presented. The methods of treatment of these data are analyzed, comparisons of data from different data banks are made, and accuracy of determination of various parameters is evaluated. The resultant data and their distributions over the main parameters of ball lightning are described. A brief analysis of laboratory analogs of ball lightning is given, and also of the processes of formation and evolution of ball lightning in nature and in the laboratory.

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Fulltext is also available at DOI: 10.1070/PU1992v035n08ABEH002254
PACS: 52.80.Mg, 92.60.Pw, 52.80.Hc (all)
DOI: 10.1070/PU1992v035n08ABEH002254
Citation: Smirnov B M "Observational properties of ball lightning" Sov. Phys. Usp. 35 (8) 650–670 (1992)
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Оригинал: Смирнов Б М «Наблюдательные свойства шаровой молнии» УФН 162 (8) 43–81 (1992); DOI: 10.3367/UFNr.0162.199208b.0043

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