Reviews of topical problems

A.V. Getling “Formation of spatial structures in Rayleigh—Bénard convection34 (9) 737–776 (1991)

V.A. Aleshkevich, G.D. Kozhoridze, A.N. Matveev “Self-action of partly coherent laser radiation34 (9) 777–803 (1991)

V.I. Alkhimov “The self-avoiding walk problem34 (9) 804–816 (1991)

Physics of our days

R. irls “Momentum and pseudomomentum of light and sound34 (9) 817–817 (1991)

L.B. Okun “The fundamental constants of physics34 (9) 818–826 (1991)

Methodological notes

A.A. Rukhadze, N.N. Sobolev, V.V. Sokovikov “Similarity relations for low-temperature nonisothermal discharges34 (9) 827–829 (1991)

P.S. Landa, V.F. Marchenko “On the linear theory of waves in media with periodic structures34 (9) 830–834 (1991)

Conferences and symposia

G.V. Kozlov, A.A. Mukhin, A.Yu. Pronin, A.S. Prokhorov “Spin-flipping transitions and dynamic properties of rare-earth weak ferromagnetics34 (9) 835–836 (1991)


A.A. Belavin, A.V. Berkov, M.B. Voloshin, N.A. Voronov, V.I. Zakharov, A.Yu. Morozov, L.B. Okun’, B.M. Pontecorvo, Yu.A. Simonov, M.V. Terent’ev, K.A. Ter-Martirosyan, M.G. Shchepkin “Igor’ Yur’evich Kobzarev (Obituary)34 (9) 837–838 (1991)

S.T. Belyaev, A.A. Vorob’ev, I.A. Golutvin, B.A. Dolgoshein, L.S. Zolin, A.A. Logunov, V.A. Nikitin, I.A. Savin, I.V. Chuvilo, M.G. Shafranova “Viktor Alekseevich Sviridov (Obituary)34 (9) 839–840 (1991)

Book reviews

V.A. Vysloukh “Fiber optics of fluoride glasses34 (9) 841–841 (1991)

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