Reviews of topical problems

N.L. Aleksandrov “Three-body electron attachment to a molecule31 101–118 (1988)

N.P. Zotov, V.A. Tsarev “Diffraction dissociation: 35 years on31 119–139 (1988)

From the history of physics

M.V. Vol’kenshtein “Complementarity, physics, and biology31 140–150 (1988)

Methodological notes

L.V. Prokhorov “Quantization of the electromagnetic field31 151–162 (1988)

From the current literature

Yu.P. Irkhin “Electron structure of the 4f shells and magnetism of rare-earth metals31 163–170 (1988)


Zh.I. Alferov, V.S. Vavilov, Yu.V. Gulyaev, V.L. Gurevich, I.P. Zvyagin, L.V. Keldysh, L.N. Kurbatov, A.G. Mironov, V.B. Sandomirskii, R.A. Suris “Viktor Leopol’dovich Bonch-Bruevich (Obituary)31 171–172 (1988)

A.P. Aleksandrov, A.M. Baldin, A.S. Borovik-Romanov, I.B. Danilov, Ya.B. Zel’dovich, M.P. Malkov, Yu.K. Pilipenko, I.M. Frank “Aleksandr Grigor’evich Zel’dovlch (Obituary)31 173–174 (1988)

Yu.N. Demkov “Grigorii Filippovich Drukarev (Obituary)31 175–176 (1988)

Book reviews

I.M. Dremin “Quarks and leptons31 177–177 (1988)

M.I. Ryazanov “Coherent radiation sources31 177–178 (1988)

S.E. Sigarev “Crystal structures of germanates, stannates and plumbates31 178–178 (1988)

E.I. Volkov “Biophysical effects of steady magnetic fields31 179–180 (1988)

G.N. Tishchenko “Structure data of organic crystals31 180–180 (1988)

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