Reviews of topical problems

G.M. Zaslavskii, R.Z. Sagdeev, D.A. Usikov, A.A. Chernikov “Minimal chaos, stochastic webs, and structures of quasicrystal symmetry31 887–915 (1988)

V.A. Matveev, V.A. Rubakov, A.N. Tavkhelidze, M.E. Shaposhnikov “Nonconservation of baryon number under extremal conditions31 916–939 (1988)

L.P. Grishchuk “Gravitational-wave astronomy31 940–954 (1988)

Meetings and conferences

G.L. Belen’kii “Electron-hole liquid and two-dimensional electron gas in layered group A3B6 semiconductors31 955–956 (1988)

M.A. Obolenskii “Superconductivity and energy spectra of layered dichalcogenides of transition metals31 956–957 (1988)

G.A. Askar’yan, G.M. Batanov, I.A. Kossyi, A.Yu. Kostinskii “Aftereffects of microwave discharges in the stratosphere31 957–959 (1988)


Yu.G. Abov, I.Ya. Barit, I.I. Gurevich, V.I. Lushchikov, M.A. Markov, Yu.M. Ostanevich, L.B. Pikel’ner, Yu.P. Popov, I.S. Shapiro “Il’ya Mikhailovich Frank (on his eightieth birthday)31 960–961 (1988)

Book reviews

T.I. Galkina “Nonequilibrium phonons in insulators and semiconductors31 962–963 (1988)

S.E. Sigarev “Crystal structure of intermetallides31 963–964 (1988)

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