Reviews of topical problems

M.Ya. Amusia, V.K. Ivanov “Intershell interaction in atoms30 449–474 (1987)

A.Z. Dolginov “Origin of the magnetic fields of the earth and celestial bodies30 475–493 (1987)

Ya.B. Zeldovich, A.A. Ruzmaikin “The hydromagnetic dynamo as the source of planetary, solar, and galactic magnetism30 494–506 (1987)

Methodological notes

M.V. Kuzelev, A.A. Rukhadze “Stimulated radiation from high-current relativistic electron beams30 507–524 (1987)

From the current literature

A.F. Goncharov “Stability of diamond at high pressures30 525–534 (1987)

Meetings and conferences

G.E. Volovik “Quasicrystals30 535–536 (1987)

V.Sh. Shekhtman “Icosahedral symmetry and the diffraction experiment30 536–538 (1987)

V.S. Shpinel’ “Nuclear-spectroscopic studies of hyperfine interactions for impurities in metals30 538–539 (1987)

G.B. Khristiansen “Apparatus for studying extremely high energy cosmic rays30 539–541 (1987)

E.A. Mamidzhanyan, S.I. Nikol’skii “Possibility of experimental ultrahigh-energy gamma-ray astronomy30 542–543 (1987)


K.S. Aleksandrov, A.S. Borovik-Romanov, V.L. Ginzburg, V.A. Isupov, V.V. Lemanov, Yu.A. Osip’yan, A.M. Prokhorov, L.A. Shuvalov “Georgii Anatol’evich Smolenskii (Obituary)30 544–545 (1987)

N.N. Bogolyubov, V.P. Dzhelepov, V.P. Dmitrievskii, B.Z. Kopeliovich, B.M. Pontekorvo, Yu.D. Prokoshkin, Ya.A. Smorodinskii, A.A. Tyapkin “Lev Iosifovich Lapidus (Obituary)30 546–547 (1987)

Book reviews

D.A. Kazenin “Heat conduction in bodies with linear thermoelasticity30 548–548 (1987)

A.L. Golovin “X-ray microscopy30 549–549 (1987)

G.N. Shkerdin “Problems of integrated optics30 549–550 (1987)

A.I. Nikishov “Quantum electrodynamics of strong fields30 551–552 (1987)

V.G. Dyukov “Scanning electron microscopy30 552–552 (1987)

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