Reviews of topical problems

A.G. Polnarev, M.Yu. Khlopov “Cosmology, primordial black holes, and supermassive particles28 213–232 (1985)

L.I. Dorman, I.Ya. Libin “Short-period variations in cosmic-ray intensity28 233–256 (1985)

Physics of our days

M.I. Kaganov “Energy spectrum of a metal and its singularities28 257–268 (1985)

Meetings and conferences

S.I. Gopasyuk “Dynamics of the magnetic field, electric currents, and flares in active regions on the sun28 269–270 (1985)

I.A. Zhitnik, S.L. Mandel’shtam, I.P. Tindo, A.M. Urnov “New observational data on x-ray flares and active regions on the sun28 270–271 (1985)

B.V. Somov “New theoretical models of solar flares28 271–272 (1985)

S.M. Klotsman “Role of defects in the formation of the properties of metals28 272–273 (1985)

V.A. Trapeznikov “Study of surface layers by the method of electron spectroscopy28 274–276 (1985)

V.G. Chudinov “Computer simulation of radiation processes28 277–278 (1985)


V.M. Ievlev, B.B. Kadomtsev, S.S. Kutateladze, A.N. Lagarkov, B.M. Smirnov, A.E. Sheindlin, I.T. Yakubov “Leon Mikhailovich Biberman (on his seventieth birthday)28 279–280 (1985)

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