Reviews of topical problems

S.G. Tikhodeev “The electron-hole liquid in a semiconductor28 1–30 (1985)

V.I. Kaidanov, Yu.I. Ravich “Deep and resonance states in AIV BVI semiconductors28 31–53 (1985)

Physics of our days

Yu.M. Ado “High-energy charged-particle accelerators28 54–69 (1985)

From the current literature

A.V. Andreev “X-ray optics of surfaces (reflection and diffraction at grazing angles of incidence)28 70–84 (1985)

Meetings and conferences

M.D. Kislik “Experimental check of the general theory of relativity and the oblateness of the sun28 85–86 (1985)

A.A. Bykov, I.M. Dremin, A.V. Leonidov “Quark atoms and their spectroscopy28 86–87 (1985)

M.B. Voloshin “Heavy quarkonium outside the potential model28 88–89 (1985)

V.A. Khoze “Heavy quarks and perturbation theory in quantum chromodynamics28 89–91 (1985)

D.N. Klyshko, A.N. Penin “Quantum photometry using parametric scattering of light28 92–93 (1985)

V.S. Dneprovskii “Optical bistability in semiconductors28 93–95 (1985)

Kh.S. Bagdasarov, V.B. Braginskii, V.I. Panov, V.S. Il’chenko “Anomalously low dissipation of electromagnetic waves in perfect single-crystal dielectrics28 95–96 (1985)

A.A. Samokhvalov, V.V. Osipov “Electron-magnon interaction in magnetic semiconductors28 96–97 (1985)

I.O. Kulik “Superconductivity of narrow-band metals and semiconductors and the model of superconducting glass28 97–99 (1985)

L.M. Dedukh, V.I. Nikitenko, É.B. Sonin “Dynamics of Bloch lines in a domian wall28 100–101 (1985)

A.G. Morozov, M.V. Nezlin, E.N. Snezhkin, A.M. Fridman “Laboratory simulation of the generation of the spiral structure of galaxies (theory and experiment)28 101–104 (1985)

Z.G. Berezhiani, D.L. Chkareuli “Horizontal symmetry: masses and mixing angles of quarks and leptons of different generations; neutrino mass and neutrino oscillation28 104–105 (1985)

V.I. Man’ko, M.A. Markov “Group-theoretical methods in physics28 106–107 (1985)


N.E. Alekseevskii, A.F. Andreev, A.S. Borovik-Romanov, L.A. Vainshtein, N.V. Zavaritskii, Ya.B. Zel’dovich, E.M. Lifshitz, M.P. Malkov, L.P. Pitaevskii, S.I. Filimonov, M.S. Khaikin, A.I. Shal’nikov, Yu.V. Sharvin “Petr Leonidovich Kapitsa (Obituary)28 108–110 (1985)

K.P. Belov, S.V. Vonsovskii, A.G. Gurevich, Ya.N. Kolli, E.I. Kondorskii, V.A. Kotel’nikov, L.K. Mikhailovskii, N.N. Fedorov, Ya.S. Shur “Konstantin Mikhailovich Polivanov (Obituary)28 111–112 (1985)

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