Reviews of topical problems

A.S. Borovik-Romanov, Yu.M. Bunkov, B.S. Dumesh, M.I. Kurkin, M.P. Petrov, V.P. Chekmarev “The spin echo in systems with a coupled electron-nuclear precession27 235–255 (1984)

Yu.P. Gaidukov “Electronic properties of whiskers27 256–272 (1984)

B.I. Spasskii, A.V. Moskovskii “Nonlocality in quantum physics27 273–283 (1984)

A.A. Grib “Bell’s inequalities and experimental verification of quantum correlations at macroscopic distances27 284–293 (1984)

From the current literature

V.M. Rappoport “New data on lifetimes of short-lived particles27 294–300 (1984)

Methodological notes

L.A. Apresyan, Yu.A. Kravtsov “Photometry and coherence: wave aspects of the theory of radiation transport27 301–313 (1984)


M.P. Volarovich, V.A. Grechishnikov, B.V. Deryagin, A.Yu. Ishlinskii, B.B. Kadomtsev, S.P. Kapitsa, Yu.M. Solomentsev, L.S. Tsesnek “Aleksandr Sergeevich Akhmatov (Obituary)27 314–315 (1984)

A.I. Ansel’m, V.L. Ginzburg, G.A. Grinberg, E.N. Kazbekov, E.M. Kreps, L.G. Loitsyanskii, O.I. Sumbaev, V.N. Fomichev “Semen Efimovich Bresler (Obituary)27 316–317 (1984)

A.M. Andrianov, I.I. Gurevich, V.S. Gurfinkel’, M.S. Ioffe, B.B. Kadomtsev, S.Yu. Luk’yanov, E.B. Pasternak, I.A. Popov “Samuil Markovich Osovets (Obituary)27 318–319 (1984)

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