Reviews of topical problems

A.V. Bushman, V.E. Fortov “Model equations of state26 465–496 (1983)

G.L. Belen’kii, V.B. Stopachinskii “Electronic and vibrational spectra of III-VI layered semiconductors26 497–517 (1983)

K.P. Belov, G.I. Kataev, R.Z. Levitin, S.A. Nikitin, V.I. Sokolov “Giant magnetostriction26 518–542 (1983)

Meetings and conferences

L.P. Gor’kov “New results in the physics of organic superconductors.26 543–544 (1983)

L.N. Bulaevskii “Magnetic superconductors26 544–545 (1983)

V.I. Panov, A.A. Sobyanin, V.A. Khvostikov “Experimental investigation of superfluidity of helium II near the λ point26 545–546 (1983)

V.R. Zoller, N.G. Tatalashvili, Yu.M. Shabel’skii “School on inelastic interactions at high energies and conference on multiple processes at high and ultrahigh energies26 547–548 (1983)


A.P. Aleksandrov, Ya.B. Zel’dovich, M.A. Markov, N.N. Semenov, V.Ya. Frenkel’, Yu.B. Khariton, N.M. Émanuél’ “Vitalii Iosifovich Gol’danskii (on his sixtieth birthday)26 549–550 (1983)

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