Reviews of topical problems

V.N. Pavlenko “Echo phenomena in plasmas26 931–951 (1983)

A.N. Vasil’ev, Yu.P. Gaidukov “Electromagnetic excitation of sound in metals26 952–973 (1983)

V.V. Pikalov, N.G. Preobrazhenskii “Computer-aided tomography and physical experiment26 974–990 (1983)

From the current literature

L.B. Okun’ “The discovery of intermediate bosons26 991–992 (1983)

I.M. Dremin “Interaction of protons at the highest accelerator energies26 993–997 (1983)

V.A. Karmanov “Anomalous nuclear fragments26 998–1005 (1983)

Meetings and conferences

V.S. Beskin, A.V. Gurevich, Ya.N. Istomin “Electrodynamics of the magnetosphere of pulsars26 1006–1007 (1983)

Yu.M. Kagan “Quantum diffusion in nonideal crystals26 1007–1009 (1983)

V.A. Mikheev “Quantum diffusion and localization of He3 atoms in solid He426 1009–1011 (1983)

M.V. Vol’kenshtein “The essence of biological evolution26 1011–1012 (1983)

O.B. Ptitsyn “Physical principles of protein structures26 1012–1013 (1983)

A.A. Vazina “Liquid crystals and biological mobility26 1013–1015 (1983)

E.B. Aleksandrov, A.A. Ansel’m, Yu.V. Pavlov, R.M. Umarkhodzhaev “Limitations on the magnitude of the hypothetical fundamental long-range interaction between spins in an experiment with mercury nuclei26 1015–1016 (1983)

D.A. Kirzhnits, F.M. Pen’kov “Coulomb interaction of composite particles26 1016–1017 (1983)

M.M. Makarov, G.Z. Obrant, V.V. Sarantsev “Splitting of the deuteron by π-mesons with intermediate energies26 1017–1019 (1983)

Yu.R. Gismatullin, V.I. Ostroumov “Mechanism of proton emission from nuclei accompanying inelastic scattering of intermediate-energy π- and K-mesons26 1019–1020 (1983)


B.A. Arbuzov, Sh.Sh. Bashkirov, A.S. Borovik-Romanov, K.A. Valiev, S.V. Vonsovskii, V.L. Ginzburg, M.M. Zaripov, B.I. Kochelaev, A.M. Prokhorov, I.L. Fabelinskii “Semen Aleksandrovich Al’tshuler (Obituary)26 1021–1022 (1983)

N.E. Alekseevskii, N.G. Basov, A.S. Borovik-Romanov, B.K. Vainshtein, S.V. Vonsovskii, P.L. Kapitsa, V.I. Spitsyn, V.F. Shamrai “Wlodzimerz Trzebiatowski (Obituary)26 1023–1024 (1983)

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