Reviews of topical problems

M.M. Makarov “Dibaryon resonances25 83–98 (1982)

Letters to the editors

Yu.A. Simonov “Theoretical interpretation of experimental dibaryon resonance data25 99–101 (1982)

From the current literature

B.P. Smolyakov, E.P. Khaimovich “Dynamic processes in dielectric glasses at low temperatures25 102–115 (1982)

Meetings and conferences

V.V. Zheleznyakov “X- and gamma-radiation of accreting neutron stars25 116–117 (1982)

V.I. Kostenko, L.I. Matveenko, I.G. Moiseev “Fine structure of objects with active nuclei and superluminal component separation velocities25 117–118 (1982)

L.R. Kogan, L.I. Matveenko, I.G. Moiseev, R.L. Sorochenko “Studies of maser sources with the aid of ultralong-baseline radiointerferometry25 118–118 (1982)

L.I. Matveenko, I.G. Moiseev, A.B. Severnyi, R.L. Sorochenko “Prospects for the development of ultralong-baseline radiointerferometry25 118–119 (1982)

V.S. Berezinskii “Superhigh-energy cosmic rays: The astrophysical aspect25 119–119 (1982)

S.I. Nikol’skii “Absolute flux and nuclear composition of high-energy cosmic rays.25 119–120 (1982)

G.B. Khristiansen “Energy spectrum of superhigh-energy cosmic rays25 120–122 (1982)

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