Reviews of topical problems

I.M. Pavlichenkov “Anomalies in the rotational spectra of deformed nuclei24 79–95 (1981)

M.V. Sadovskii “Electron localization in disordered systems: critical behavior and macroscopic manifestations24 96–115 (1981)

V.F. Elesin, Yu.V. Kopaev “Superconductors with excess quasiparticles24 116–141 (1981)

Physics of our days

L.A. Sliv “Frontiers of nuclear physics (new isotopes, rapidly rotating nuclei, reactions induced by heavy ions, giant resonances, nuclear forces)24 142–149 (1981)

Methodological notes

Yu.I. Vorontsov “The uncertainty relation between energy and time of measurement24 150–158 (1981)


E.B. Aleksandrov, A.M. Bonch-Bruevich, M.D. Galanin, N.I. Kaliteevskii, A.A. Kaplyanskii, S.L. Mandel’shtam, M.M. Miroshnikov, B.S. Neporent, A.I. Ryskin “Petr Petrovich Feofilov (Obituary)24 159–160 (1981)

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