Reviews of topical problems

E.L. Feinberg “Hadron clusters and half-dressed particles in quantum field theory23 629–650 (1980)

V.I. Balykin, G.I. Bekov, V.S. Letokhov, V.I. Mishin “Laser detection of single atoms23 651–678 (1980)

From the history of physics

I.M. Ternov, V.A. Bordovitsyn “Modern interpretation of J.I. Frenkel’s classical spin theory23 679–683 (1980)

Methodological notes

E.M. Gershenzon, A.P. Mel’nikov, R.I. Rabinovich, N.A. Serebryakova “H--like impurity centers and molecular complexes created by them in semiconductors23 684–698 (1980)

From the current literature

Ya.I. Azimov, V.A. Khoze “Present status of the τ lepton23 699–703 (1980)

Meetings and conferences

V.B. Braginskii “Quantum aspects of gravitation antennas23 704–705 (1980)

L.P. Grishchuk “The problem of relic gravitational radiation23 705–706 (1980)

A.V. Tutukov, A.G. Masevich “The evolution of massive close binary stars23 706–707 (1980)

É.V. Érgma, A.D. Kudryashov “Thermonuclear bursts on neutron stars23 707–708 (1980)

S.I. Nikol’skii “Study of hadron interactions in cosmic rays23 708–709 (1980)

E.L. Feinberg “Cosmic rays and elementary-particle physics23 709–711 (1980)

V.V. Avakyan, A.T. Amatuni, T.S. Asatiani, A.D. Erlykin, A.K. Kulichenko, E.A. Mamidzhanyan, S.G. Matinyan, S.I. Nikol’skii, V.A. Romakhin, E.I. Tukish “Plan for an experiment to study hadron collisions at energies of 103-106 TeV23 711–711 (1980)

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