Reviews of topical problems

S.G. Matinyan “Toward the unification of weak, electromagnetic, and strong interactions: SU(5)23 1–20 (1980)

A.F. Andreev, V.I. Marchenko “Symmetry and the macroscopic dynamics of magnetic materials23 21–34 (1980)

V.D. Gorobchenko, E.G. Maksimov “The dielectric constant of an interacting electron gas23 35–58 (1980)

V.P. Gerdt, O.V. Tarasov, D.V. Shirkov “Analytic calculations on digital computers for applications in physics and mathematics23 59–77 (1980)

From the history of physics

B.I. Spasskii, L.V. Levshin, V.A. Krasil’nikov “Physics and astronomy at Moscow University (On the University’s 225th anniversary)23 78–93 (1980)

Meetings and conferences

M.K. Volkov, G.V. Efimov “The present status of quantum field theory23 94–99 (1980)


B.M. Barbashov, G.V. Efimov, A.V. Efremov, B.B. Kadomtsev, M.A. Markov “In memory of Dmitrii Ivanovich Blokhintsev23 100–103 (1980)

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