Reviews of topical problems

É.I. Rashba, Z.S. Gribnikov, V.Ya. Kravchenko “Anisotropic size effects in semiconductors and semimetals19 361–387 (1976)

L.P. Presnyakov “X-ray spectroscopy of high-temperature plasma19 387–399 (1976)

V.N. Mineev, A.G. Ivanov “Electromotive force produced by shock compression of a substance19 400–419 (1976)

M.N. Kogan, V.S. Galkin, O.G. Fridlender “Stresses produced in gasses by temperature and concentration inhomogeneities. New types of free convection19 420–428 (1976)

New instruments and measurement methods

V.N. Grigor’eva, É.I. Ivanov, N.I. Kaliteevskii “The level crossing method and recent achievements of high-resolution laser spectroscopy19 429–439 (1976)

From the current literature

I.I. Gurevich, B.A. Nikol’skii “Two-frequency precession of μ+ mesons in muonium atoms19 440–448 (1976)

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