Reviews of topical problems

K.A. Valiev, E.N. Ivanov “Rotational Brownian motion16 1–16 (1973)

B.T. Geilikman “Problems of high-temperature superconductivity in three-dimensional systems16 17–30 (1973)

V.S. Barashenkov, A.S. Il’inov, N.M. Sobolevskii, V.D. Toneev “Interaction of particles and nuclei of high and ultrahigh energy with nuclei16 31–52 (1973)

V.M. Kolybasov, M.S. Marinov “Interaction of high-energy particles with deuterons16 53–63 (1973)

N.S. Erokhin, S.S. Moiseev “Problems of the theory of linear and nonlinear transformation of waves in inhomogeneous media16 64–81 (1973)

D.I. Blokhintsev, A.V. Efremov, R.M. Muradyan “Planning of new accelerators and the problems of contemporary elementary-particle physics16 82–87 (1973)

I.S. Klimenko, G.V. Skrotskii “Focused-image holography16 88–98 (1973)

P.P. Shorygin “Raman scattering of light near and far from resonance16 99–120 (1973)

A.S. Monin “Turbulence and microstructure in the ocean16 121–131 (1973)

From the history of physics

V.P. Linnik “Kepler’s works in optic (On the 400th anniversary of his birth)16 132–135 (1973)

Yu.A. Danilov, Ya.A. Smorodinskii “Johannes Kepler: from the mystery to the harmony16 136–155 (1973)

Methodological notes

B.I. Volkov “General computer workshop for physics students of the Moscow State University16 156–158 (1973)

D.I. Penner, D.B. Duboshinskii, M.I. Kozakov, A.S. Vermel’, Yu.V. Galkin “Asynchronous excitation of undamped oscillations16 158–160 (1973)

K.N. Baranskii, G.A. Sever “Demonstration of light diffraction by a two-dimensional ultrasound structure in a liquid16 161–162 (1973)

From the current literature

M.A. Gintzburg “Visual observation of cosmic rays16 163–164 (1973)


A.I. Isakov, O.N. Krokhin, A.M. Prokhorov, D.V. Skobel’tsyn, I.I. Sobel’man “Nikolai Gennadievich Basov (on his fiftieth birthday)16 165–166 (1973)

L.A. Artsimovich, I.I. Guervich, S.N. Zhurkov, I.K. Kikoin, Yu.S. Lazurkin, V.A. Sidorenko, V.M. Tuchkevich, N.A. Chernoplekov “Anatolii Petrovich Aleksandrov (on his seventieth birthday)16 167–169 (1973)

L.V. Volod’ko, L.V. Levshin, K.N. Solov’ev “Anton Nikoforovich Sevhenko (on his seventieth birthday)16 170–171 (1973)

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