Reviews of topical problems

G.M. Zaslavskii, B.V. Chirikov “Stochastic instability of non-linear oscillations14 549–568 (1972)

M.S. Longair, R.A. Sunyaev “The universal electromagnetic background radiation14 569–599 (1972)

A.B. Kaidalov “Duality and the Veneziano model14 600–608 (1972)

A.F. Andreev “Interaction of conduction electrons with a Metal surface14 609–615 (1972)

B.A. Khrylin “Hypernuclei and ΛN interaction14 616–629 (1972)

A.M. Gal’per, V.G. Kirillov-Ugryumov, B.I. Luchkov, O.F. Prilutskii “The study of cosmic γ rays14 630–654 (1972)

From the history of physics

S.F. Shushurin “On the history of holography14 655–657 (1972)

From the current literature

Sh.M. Kogan “Does an electron fall in a metallic pipe?14 658–661 (1972)

Methodological notes

V.L. Lyuboshitz, M.I. Podgoretskii “The Gibbs paradox14 662–666 (1972)

O.A. Shustin, T.S. Velichkina, L.F. Mikheeva, I.A. Yakovlev “Some demonstrations in wave optics performed with a Gas laser14 666–667 (1972)

O.A. Shustin “A lecture demonstration on holography14 668–668 (1972)


V.L. Ginzburg, M.A. Markov, A.D. Sakharov, E.L. Feinberg “IN MEMORY OF IGOR’ EVGEN’EVICH TAMM14 669–670 (1972)

V.E. Ivanov, Ya.B. Fainberg, A.G. Sitenko, G.Ya. Lyubarskii, V.G. Bar’yakhtar, D.V. Volkov, S.V. Peletminskii, R.V. Polovin, K.N. Stepanov “ALEKSANDR IL’ICH AKHIEZER (In commemoration of his 60th birthday)14 671–672 (1972)

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