Reviews of topical problems

V.F. Kitaeva, A.N. Odintsov, N.N. Sobolev “Continuously operating argon ion lasers12 699–730 (1970)

A.E. Salomonovich “Extra-atmospheric submillimeter astronomy12 731–742 (1970)

V.A. Vanke, V.M. Lopukhin, V.L. Savvin “SUPERNOISELESS CYCLOTRON-WAVE AMPLIFIERS12 743–755 (1970)

G.V. Spivak, G.V. Saparin, M.V. Bykov “Scanning electron microscopy12 756–776 (1970)

Instruments and methods of investigation

Yu.P. Raizer “High-frequency high-pressure induction discharge and the electrodeless plasmotron12 777–791 (1970)

Meetings and conferences

N.N. Ibragimov, G.M. Aliev, D.Sh. Abdinov, Sh.M. Mamedov, S.I. Mekhtieva “Certain Results of Research on Selenium12 792–793 (1970)

G.B. Abdullaev, Z.A. Aliayarova, G.A. Asadov, É.N. Zamanova, A.L. Shabalov “Electric Properties of Certain Chalcogenides in Contact with Metals12 793–794 (1970)

F.M. Gashimzade, Yu.M. Seidov “Spectrum of Elementary Excitations in Magnetically Ordered Crystals (Carbonates of Transition Metals)12 795–795 (1970)

G.D. Guseinov “Certain Results and Prospects of the Search for Complex Semiconductor Analogs12 795–795 (1970)

G.B. Abdullaev, V.B. Antonov, R.Kh. Nani, E.Yu. Salaev, T.É. Mekhtiev “Recombination Radiation in Certain Broad Band Semiconductors under the Influence of a Beam of Fast Electrons12 795–796 (1970)

I.M. Kopylov “Results of Investigations on the Physics of Stars at SAO Observatory of the USSR Academy of Sciences During the Last Two Years12 796–796 (1970)

G.F. Sultanov “Features of the Structure of the Planetoid Belt and Their Explanation12 796–797 (1970)

I.A. Aslanov, Z.A. Ismailov, N.B. Ibragimov, S.M. Azimov “Some Results Obtained with the 2 Meter Telescope12 797–798 (1970)

R.É. Guseinov “Dynamic Processes Leading to Generation of Coronal Formations12 798–799 (1970)

G.I. Abbasov “Use of Electronic Digital Computers for the Reduction of Spectrograms12 799–799 (1970)

V.L. Ginzburg “Pulsars (General Review)12 800–804 (1970)

N.M. Shakhovskoi, Yu.S. Efimov, V.I. Pronik “Polarization of the Crab Nebula Pulsar in the Optical Band12 804–805 (1970)

V.I. Pronik, I.I. Pronik, K.K. Chuvaev “Distribution of the Energy in the Spectrum of the P Pulsar of the Crab Nebula12 805–805 (1970)

Yu.I. Alekseev, V.V. Vitkevich, Yu.P. Shitov “Fine Structure of the Pulses of the Pulsar CP0808 and Variation of the Periods of the Second Class12 805–806 (1970)

Yu.I. Alekseev, V.V. Vitkevich, V.F. Zhuravlev, Yu.P. Shitov “The New Pulsar PP094312 806–806 (1970)

V.V. Vitkevich, N.A. Lotova, Yu.P. Shitov, Z.I. Shishov “Pulsar Flicker Due to the Inhomogeneities of the Interstellar Plasma12 806–806 (1970)

A.A. Stepanyan, B.M. Vladimirskii, I.V. Pavlov, I.V. Fomin “Possible Existence of a Flux of 1013·eV γ Quanta from the Pulsar CP113312 806–806 (1970)

L.M. Erukhimov “Oscillations of Pulsar Radio Emission12 806–807 (1970)

V.V. Zheleznyakov “Mechanisms of Pulsar Radiation12 807–808 (1970)

N.S. Kardashev “Possibility of Observing Extragalactic Pulsars12 808–808 (1970)

V.I. Slysh “Scattering of Pulsar X-rays in the Interstellar Medium12 808–808 (1970)

I.S. Shklovskii “Concerning Pulsars12 808–809 (1970)

V.V. Vitkevich, Yu.P. Shitov, I.F. Malov “Concerning the Model of a Pulsar as a Rotating and Pulsating Neutron Star12 809–810 (1970)

L.A. Artsimovich “Heating of Ions in "Tokamak" Machines12 810–810 (1970)

A.A. Galeev, R.Z. Sagdeev “Paradoxes of Classical Diffusion of Plasma in Toroidal Magnetic Traps12 810–811 (1970)

M.S. Rabinovich, I.S. Shpigel’ “Plasma Containment in the Stellarator ’Liven’-1′ of the Physics Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences12 811–812 (1970)


M.O. Bulanin, M.A. El’yashevich, S.L. Mandel’shtam, B.S. Neporent, N.P. Penkin, S.E. Frish “VLADIMIR MIKHAĬLOVICH CHULANOVSKIĬ (Obituary)12 813–814 (1970)

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