Reviews of topical problems

M.S. Khaikin “Magnetic surface levels11 785–801 (1969)

G.R. Khutsishvili “Spin diffusion and nuclear magnetic relaxation in a crystal containing a magnetic impurity11 802–815 (1969)

S.M. Stishov “Melting at high pressures11 816–830 (1969)

V.Ya. Frenkel’ “Fiftieth anniversary of the A. F. Ioffe Physicotechnical institute, USSR Academy of sciences (Leningrad)11 831–854 (1969)

N.G. Basov, V.S. Letokhov “Optical frequency standards11 855–880 (1969)

A.F. Volkov, Sh.M. Kogan “Physical phenomena in semiconductors with negative differential conductivity11 881–903 (1969)

New instruments and measurement methods

N.S. Shestov, E.O. Fedorova, V.F. Zakharenkov, N.A. Stavitskaya “Measurement of Fourier spectra of two-dimensional functions11 904–915 (1969)


S.T. Belyaev, V.A. Sidorov, B.V. Chirikov “Gersh Itskovich Budker (in honor of his 50th birthday)11 916–918 (1969)

S.A. Akhmanov, F.V. Bunkin, V.G. Veselago, L.I. Gudzenko, Yu.A. Kravtsov, M.L. Levin, I.L. Fabelinskii, R.V. Khokhlov “Sergeĭ Mikhaĭlovich Rytov (in honor of his 60th birthday)11 919–920 (1969)

M.G. Veselov, G.F. Drukarev, Yu.V. Novozhilov “Vladimir Aleksandrovich Fock (in honor of his 70th birthday)11 921–923 (1969)

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