Reviews of topical problems

S.S. Gershtein, V.I. Petrukhin, L.I. Ponomarev, Yu.D. Prokoshkin “Mesoatomic processes and model of large mesic molecules12 1–19 (1969)

Ya.S. Bobovich “Recent advances in the spectroscopy of spontaneous Raman scattering12 20–41 (1969)

S.A. Kaplan, V.N. Tsytovich “Plasma radiation mechanisms in astrophysics12 42–63 (1969)

N.M. Builova, V.B. Sandomirskii “Experimental investigations of superconductivity in degenerate semiconductors12 64–69 (1969)

B.P. Zakharchenya, R.P. Seisyan “Diamagnetic excitons in semiconductors12 70–79 (1969)

G.P. Motulevich “Optical properties of polyvalent non-transition metals12 80–104 (1969)

V.I. Pustovoit “Interaction of electron streams with elastic lattice waves12 105–132 (1969)

Meetings and conferences

B.B. Kadomtsev “Third international conference on plasma physics and controlled nuclear fusion research (Novosibirsk, August 1–7, 1968)12 133–134 (1969)

From the history of physics

E.M. Lifshitz “Lev Davidovich Landau (1908-1968)12 135–145 (1969)

Methodological notes

V.Ya. Kark “Lecture demonstrations of shock waves in a liquid12 146–146 (1969)


A.P. Aleksandrov, A.I. Alikhan’yan, B.B. Kadomtsev, M.A. Leontovich “Lev Andreevich Artsimovich (on his sixtieth birthday)12 147–148 (1969)

V.I. Iveronova, N.L. Kaidanovskii, M. Leontovich, Yu.N. Pariiskii, A.E. Salomonovich, S. Strelkov, I.A. Yakovlev “Semen Emmanuilovich Khaikin (1901–1968)12 149–152 (1969)

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